Grant and Contract Administrators

Use this guide to help you connect with the Grant Contract Administrator assigned to your area, center, department, school or college:

Administrative Unit
OGCS Administrator/E-mail
Arts & Letters, College ofAsian Studies ProgramJoel Fritzler
 Comparative Cultural StudiesJoel Fritzler
 EnglishJoel Fritzler
 HistoryJoel Fritzler
 Latin American StudiesJoel Fritzler
 Martin Springer InstituteJoel Fritzler
 Modern Languages   Joel Fritzler
 NAU Art MuseumJoel Fritzler
 Northern Arizona Writing Project (NAWP)Joel Fritzler
 PhilosophyJoel Fritzler
 Program in Community, Culture, and EnvironmentJoel Fritzler
 School of ArtJoel Fritzler
 School of MusicJoel Fritzler
 TheatreJoel Fritzler
Education, College ofArizona K-12 CenterMarlene Nebitsi
 Educational LeadershipJoel Fritzler
 Educational PsychologyJoel Fritzler
 Educational SpecialtiesJoel Fritzler
 First Things FirstJoel Fritzler
 Gear-Up ProgramMarlene Nebitsi
 HeliosJoel Fritzler
 Summer Enrichment ProgramJoel Fritzler
 Teaching and LearningJoel Fritzler
Engineering, Forestry & Natural Sciences, College ofAzTrans: The Arizona Center for Applied Transportation ResearchJackie Hinton
 Biological SciencesBobbie Ursin
 Chemistry & BiochemistryJackie Hinton
 Colorado Plateau Biodiversity CenterCindy Judge
 Colorado Plateau Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (CPCESU)Cindy Judge
 Civil and Environmental EngineeringCindy Judge
 Computer ScienceJackie Hinton
 Construction ManagementCindy Judge
 Ecosystem Science and Society Center     Cindy Judge
 Electrical Engineering (EE)Jackie Hinton
 Imaging and Histology Core/Electron Microscope FacilityJackie Hinton
 Institute for Sustainable Energy Solutions (ISES)Jackie Hinton
 Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP)Marlene Nebitsi
 Landscape Conservation Initiative (LCI)     Cindy Judge
 Mathematics & StatisticsJackie Hinton
 Mechanical Engineering (ME)Jackie Hinton
 Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research (MPCER)Cindy Judge
 Center for Microbial Genetics & Genomics (MGGEN)Bobbie Ursin
 Physics & AstronomyJackie Hinton
 School of Earth Sciences & Environmental Sustainability (SESES)
   -  Environmental Science
   -  Geology
Cindy Judge
 Center for Science Teaching & Learning (CSTL)Jackie Hinton
 Sustainable Environments (CSE)Cindy Judge 
 School of ForestryCindy Judge
Health and Human Services, College ofAthletic TrainingMarlene Nebitsi
 Communication Sciences and DisordersMarlene Nebitsi
 Dental HygieneMarlene Nebitsi
 Health SciencesMarlene Nebitsi
 Interdisciplinary Health Policy InstituteMarlene Nebitsi
 Occupational Therapy     Marlene Nebitsi
 Physicians Assistant StudiesMarlene Nebitsi
 Physical TherapyMarlene Nebitsi
 School of Health ProfessionsMarlene Nebitsi
 School of NursingMarlene Nebitsi
NAU YumaAllCindy Judge
PresidentAthleticsCindy Judge
 Office of the PresidentCindy Judge 
ProvostCline LibraryJoel Fritzler
 Center for International EducationJoel Fritzler
 Graduate CollegeCindy Judge
 Honors ProgramCindy Judge
 ProvostCindy Judge
 Undergraduate ProgramsCindy Judge
Social and Behavioral Sciences, College ofAnthropologyJoel Fritzler
 Applied Indigenous StudiesJoel Fritzler
 Civic Service Institute
   -  Americorps
   -  Foster Grandparent Program
   -  Retired Senior Volunteer Program
   -  Senior Companion Program
Marlene Nebitsi
 Community, Culture, and EnvironmentJoel Fritzler
 Criminology and Criminal JusticeJoel Fritzler
 Ethnic Studies ProgramJoel Fritzler
 Family Violence Institute (FVI)     Marlene Nebitsi
 Geography, Planning and RecreationJoel Fritzler
 Institute for Human Development (IHD)Marlene Nebitsi
 Institute for Native Americans (INA)Joel Fritzler
 Laboratory for Applied Social Research (LASR)Joel Fritzler
 Master of Arts in Sustainable CommunitiesJoel Fritzler
 Politics and International AffairsJoel Fritzler
 PsychologyJoel Fritzler
 School of CommunicationJoel Fritzler
 Sociology and Social WorkJoel Fritzler /
Marlene Nebitsi
 Sustainable CommunitiesJoel Fritzler 
 Women's and Gender StudiesJoel Fritzler
Vice President, Admin & FinanceNAU Police DepartmentCindy Judge
 Facility ServicesCindy Judge
Vice President, Distance LearningDistance LearningCindy Judge
 Television ServicesCindy Judge
NAU FoundationKNAU Public RadioJoel Fritzler
Vice President, Enrollment Management and Student AffairsCounseling and Testing ServicesMarlene Nebitsi
 Disability Support ServicesMarlene Nebitsi
 Educational Support ServicesMarlene Nebitsi
 Campus Health ServicesMarlene Nebitsi
 Multicultural Student CenterMarlene Nebitsi
 Native American Student ServicesMarlene Nebitsi
 Residence LifeMarlene Nebitsi
 Student LifeMarlene Nebitsi
 University Union/ActivitiesMarlene Nebitsi
Vice President, ResearchAnimal Care FacilityCindy Judge
 Bilby Research CenterCindy Judge
 Colorado Plateau Research Station (CPRS)Cindy Judge
 Education Technology Consortium (ETC)Cindy Judge
 Ecological Research Institute (ERI)Cindy Judge
 GreenhouseCindy Judge
 Native American Cancer Research PartnershipMarlene Nebitsi
W. A. Franke College of BusinessAccountingJoel Fritzler
 CBOAmerican Indian Economic Development, Center for (CAIED)Joel Fritzler
 CBOArizona Hospitality Research and Resource Center (AHRRC)Joel Fritzler
 CBOArizona Rural Policy InstituteJoel Fritzler
 Bureau of Business and Economic ResearchJoel Fritzler 
 Center for Business Outreach (CBO)Joel Fritzler
 Computer Information SystemsJoel Fritzler
 Computer Training CenterJoel Fritzler
 EconomicsJoel Fritzler
 FinanceJoel Fritzler
 ManagementJoel Fritzler
 MarketingJoel Fritzler
 School of Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM)Joel Fritzler
 Testing ServicesJoel Fritzler