Cayuse SP orientation sessions

Cayuse SP is the software that the Office of Sponsored Projects uses to internally route proposals for certification and authorization. If you plan to submit a proposal in the near future, please plan to attend the orientation
Upcoming Dates and time:
  • September 16, 2015, 11 am to 1 pm
  • October 15, 2015, 1 pm to 3 pm
  • November 18, 2015, 11 am to 1 pm
  • December 10, 2015, 1 pm to 3 pm CANCELLED
Location: North ITS Training Room (Building 54, Room 106)
RSVP: (928) 523-4880 or e-mail

Please review and print the instructions prior to the orientation:  Download HERE

If you need assistance with proposal development please contact your Grant Contract Administrator or call 928-523-4880 or e-mail us.

Cayuse SP resources

Cayuse SP Proposal Preparation and Submission Instructions (PDF)

Cayuse SP Goes Live!

As you know, Cayuse 424 has been in use at NAU since 2011 for proposal submissions. The Office of Grant and Contract Services (OGCS) has just completed an 18-month customization of Cayuse – Sponsored Projects (Cayuse SP) for NAU users, with a “soft” go-live in September 2013.  

 Cayuse SP builds on and is integrated with Cayuse 424 to provide a solid framework for pre-award and non-financial post-award sponsored projectsThis integration should make the proposal submission and award management processes much easier for all users. As an early user of this integrated system, NAU is uniquely poised to help shape development of the software in the near and long term.

 Key factors in selecting Cayuse SP were the ability to customize the software for NAU users, and the responsiveness of the developers to user concerns and suggestions. We invite faculty, staff, and administrators to put this new software to the test and offer your suggestions for how it can be made more functional for NAU users. OGCS will be offering weekly orientation sessions focusing on proposal submission through the fall semester (see the schedule posted above). Your input is valued, and will affect future development of Cayuse SP. So, let us know!

 Cayuse SP has been configured for NAU users, providing a streamlined process for routing proposals for internal review and approval, a System-to-System (S2S) interface for preparing and submitting proposals, and a variety of tools for tracking and managing awards and other aspects of research operations. Cayuse SP will be the repository for institutional proposal and award data, with nearly twenty-five years of legacy data now available to NAU users. This extensive data repository will allow investigators to view and create reports on their pending proposals and awards; and chairs, deans/directors, and other administrators to view and create reports on pending proposals and awards in their departments/units and colleges. Data from Cayuse SP will be transferred to the NAU Data Warehouse and reports made available from there as well.

 Frequently Asked Questions

 Please send your questions to; you’ll receive a direct response and your Q&A will be posted on the OGCS Cayuseweb page.

  1. Do I still need to submit an Early Proposal Notification?

No, when you start a proposal in Cayuse SP, your proposal will automatically be assigned an OGCS number and appear in the “proposal inbox” in OGCS.  

  1. I don’t see my name on the proposal even though I’ve saved it. 

That’s happened a few times in our first few days with Cayuse SP. The reason you don’t see your name is that it hasn’t yet been added by whoever started the proposal in Cayuse SP. Cayuse SP allows basic information about your proposal to be saved without first identifying the Lead Principal Investigator (PI). The advantage of this approach is that someone else can begin the proposal without you having to log in first. It’s easy to add the PI’s name to the proposal by opening the Investigators/ Research Team link. Click on the magnifying glass icon to search for and add the Lead PI’s name to the list. The first entry in the Investigators/Research Team list must be the NAU Lead PI; co-investigators and other key personnel should be added next. (Note: You will need to log in prior to routing the proposal for internal approvals to answer required compliance questions and authorize the proposal for submission.) 

  1. How will my GCA learn about my proposal?

We’re still working out the internal e-mail notification process to let various users know about your proposal; in the meantime, a quick call or e-mail to your OGCS (or college) Grant and Contract Administrator would be most helpful! 

  1. Some of the links in the Item List seem unrelated to my proposal; why do I have to provide this information?

The links in question – such as Conflict of Interest, Regulatory Compliance, Export Control, Intellectual Property, Community Benefits, and Location of Sponsored Activities – are for information designed to ensure compliance with various external groups or, in some cases, with NAU needs.  Previously this information was included in the (now obsolete) paper Proposal Approval Form (PAF); there are some new questions to comply with revised federal reporting requirements (such as Conflict of Interest). Most of the information is required by federal agencies and federal practices.  In other cases, information is required by NAU for reporting purposes, whether to ABOR, other funding agencies, or for peer comparison purposes.  (Having said this, we welcome any feedback on how to improve the policies and procedures we use at OGCS.) 

  1. The routing process seems more complicated than in Cayuse 424; why is that?

In Cayuse 424, the PI had to add each approver separately; for proposals with multiple Co-PIs, departments, and colleges/institutes/centers, the PI might have to add ten to twelve names (e.g., co-PI, department chair, dean) to the routing chain. In Cayuse SP, the PI, Co-PI(s), and other key personnel are automatically included in the proposal routing chain as soon as they are entered into the Investigators/ Research Team section. 

Cayuse 424 did include a direct link to the proposal, which was a nice short cut for approvers. In Cayuse SP, each person in the routing chain has to select the proposal from the list in the Certifications/ Approvals dashboard.  That’s an additional step for approvers, but the Dept Approval Inbox does have the advantage of listing all the proposals that require your approval, even if you overlooked an e-mail. (We’re working with Cayuse SP to simplify this process, and will report back on our progress.)

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