The Office of Grant and Contract Services (OGCS) is the central administrative office responsible for:

  • authorizing and submitting proposals for extramural funding
  • proposal development
  • negotiating and accepting awards
  • authorizing the establishment of sponsored project accounts
  • providing administrative oversight of funded projects

Some of the services OGCS provides are to: 

Our pre-award and post-award responsibilities

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Pre-award responsibilities

The OGCS facilitates sponsored projects and other programs between the university community and external sponsors such as federal, state, and local governments and private-sector sponsors like foundations and corporations. The OGCS is responsible for assisting principal investigators in:

  • identifying and responding to funding opportunities
  • reviewing and assuring compliance with sponsor and university requirements (including fiscal and non-fiscal compliance areas)
  • submitting applications and proposals on behalf of the university
  • supporting large interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and/or multi-institutional collaborations
  • interpreting the regulations of state and federal agencies and private sponsors
  • clarifying university policies and procedures for faculty and sponsors

The OGCS also is responsible for accepting awards and has the responsibility to negotiate awards that protect the rights of faculty, staff, and students to use, publish, and otherwise disseminate the results of their creative activities, and that comply with university and sponsor laws, regulations, and policies, including those of the state and federal government.

Post-award responsibilities

OGCS is responsible for accepting and awards and notifying Post Award Accounting Services and Fiscal Compliance (PAASFC) to establish the project within the university’s Peoplesoft financial system. Once the project identification number said been assigned, OGCS will notify the principal investigator, department or unit chair, dean and/or director, and budget manager of the activation and any subsequent modifications.

Other post-award administrative responsibilities include:

  • issuing sub-awards to collaborators
  • providing institutional authorization for modifications subject to expanded authorities
  • working with the sponsor as well as offices and departments within the university to administer other modifications

The OGCS also has primary responsibility for working with principal investigators and sponsors to resolve technical and administrative compliance issues for awards and sub-awards.

The OGCS works with SPS to ensure that all required reports are submitted, including technical, final, and invention reports; SPS has primary responsibility for financial and property reports.