Scholarship and Creative Activity (SCA) Grants

Program Announcement

Application Window: February 1 through March 13

Period of Performance

SCA awards commence on July 1st and are funded for up to one year. 

Introduction and Program Goals

The Office of the Vice President for Research invites faculty to apply to the Scholarship and Creative Activity (SCA) grant program.  The purpose of this program is to make targeted  investments in faculty scholars and artists in order to help raise NAU’s profile in these disciplines nationally and internationally.

Program Objectives

SCA grants are intended to support the work of faculty in areas in which extramural grant funding is generally unavailable (e.g., humanities, arts, business, education).  These grants will provide summer salary or funding for activities occurring during the academic year (e.g., travel, gathering of archive resources, interviewing, creative production activity). The SCA program does not fund research projects, faculty development activities, or curriculum development.


Tenured and tenure-track faculty may apply for SCA grants. Regents' Professors are not eligible to apply to this program. Because funding for this program is limited, faculty who will be on sabbatical during AY2016-17 are not eligible to receive FY17 SCA funds.

Award Info

Faculty can request up to $6,000 under the SCA program.  Awards may not be used for equipment purchases such as a computer, tablet, or other general purpose electronic devices.  Awards may not be used for faculty buyout of teaching.  If the SCA award is used as summer salary, no other work may be carried out during the time of the buyout (at least one month’s time).

Application Process

SCA proposals will be accepted between February 1 and March 13. Please create a single PDF document with all of the application materials (see below). Title it “Your last name SCA.pdf” and send it to with “Your last name SCA” in the subject line.

The SCA application will include: 

  • A cover page stating your name and title, the title of the proposal, your department and college, your contact information, and the total amount of your request.
  • Abstract (summarizing the elements of the Narrative listed below)
  • Narrative (3 page limit)
  • Budget and Budget Justification
  • Bibliography (using a format that is standard for publishing in the respective field)
  • CV (2 page limit)

SCA Application Narrative.  In no more than 3 pages describe: 

  • Contribution:  Provide background on the significance and value of the project to the specific area of scholarship or artistic expression.  What is the value of the project within your scholarly/artistic area and how will bring new ideas into your field?
  • Methods and Work plan: How will you carry out your scholarly/creative endeavor; how will the project be organized?  What is your work plan outlining the time course of the project?  Please describe any technologies that will be used in making the project successful.  Please describe where the work will be conducted, any materials used, and explain how you will obtain access to relevant materials. 
  • Competencies, Skills and Access: Describe how your skills can be applied to the project and explain how this project will broaden your scholarly or creative reputation at NAU. 
  • Final Product and Dissemination: What is your intended result and who is your audience?  Please explain how these results will be disseminated to this audience and beyond (if relevant). 


If you have any questions regarding the SCA program, please contact or 523-4340.