FGP awards

2015 Awards

AwardeeTitleDepartmentProposalAmount Awarded
Dierdra BycuraAssistant ProfessorHealth SciencesCareer Firefighters Adherence to an Exercise Plan to Improve Cardiorespiratory Fitness10,891.00
Constantin CiocanelAssociate ProfessorMechanical EngineeringInvestigation of the effect of Ni nanostrands and conductive graphene dispersions coatings15,000.00
Ann CollierAssistant ProfessorPsychologyDeveloping a Culturally-Sensitive Obesity Intervention14,990.00
Julieta FernandezAssistant ProfessorEnglishLiving with Host Families: Language Socialization and Language Development in Study Abroad12,618.00
Liza HoleskiAssistant ProfessorBiological SciencesIdentification of genetic loci underlying plant defense against insect herbivores in Mimulus guttatus (yellow monkeyflower)14,980.00
Sara JarvisAssistant ProfessorBiological SciencesThe effect of forearm endurance training on the metaboreflex and time to fatigue during chronic hypoxic exposure14,978.00
Andrew KoppischAssistant ProfessorChemistry & BiochemistryTargeting Stealth Siderophore Biosynthesis in Pathogenic Bacteria as Novel Therapeutic Strategy14,508.00
Julie MuellerAssistant ProfessorEconomicsDoes willingness to pay vary with location? Investigating spatial spillover effects in willingness to pay for forest restoration7,500.00
Nathan C NietoAssistant ProfessorBiological SciencesSeasonal changes in Hantavirus tissue tropism14,988.00
Luke PlonskyAssistant ProfessorEnglishA Reliability Generalization Meta-analysis of Research Instruments in Second Language Acquisition11,550.00
Michael ShaferAssistant ProfessorMechanical EngineeringCoordinated control of wind turbine arrays: A 'big-data' approach to wind farm control15,000.00
Tinna TraustadottirAssistant ProfessorBiological SciencesExercise-induced resistance to oxidative stress: Effects of aging15,000.00
Robin TuchschererAssistant ProfessorCivil EngineeringServiceability Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Discontinuity Regions15,000.00
Soo Jung YounAssistant ProfessorEnglishInvestigating linguistic and discourse features for automated scoring13,500.00
Yulei ZhangAssistant ProfessorComputer Information SystemsEngaging Junior and Senior College Students in Upper Division Courses10,059.00

2014 Awards

AwardeeTitleDepartmentProposalAmount Awarded
Michael AmundsonProfessorHistoryPreserving the Past in 3D Living Color: Digitizing,Restoring and Cataloging the Clyde A. McCoy Collectionof 1940 Stereo Color Slides7,500.00
Pamela BoschAssociate Professor Physical TherapyDetermine feasibility for investigating gains in aerobic capacity after stroke by training at ventilatory threshold13,850.00
Matthew BowkerAssistant ProfessorForestryGreenhouse-scale production of soil crust mosses as an ecological restoration material: Feasibility Study13,377.10
Julie BrownAssistant ProfessorMusicDancing to Schumann:Hans van Manen's 1975 Ballet Four Schumann Pieces7,500.00
Constantin CiocanelAssistant ProfessorMechanical EngineeringInvestigation of the fatigue behavior of a NiMnGa magnetic shape memory alloy13,540.00
Jennifer DuisAssistant ProfessorChemistry & BiochemistryDevelopment of a acid/base chemistry diagnostic for enhancement of learning outcomes 14,278.70
Kathy EastwoodProfessorPhysics & AstronomySimulating the Formation of Massive Star Clusters6,300.00
Dana ErnstAssistant ProfessorMathematics & StatisticsAn Open Problem Library for Mathematics7,500.00
Ricardo GuthrieAssistant ProfessorEthnic StudiesTHE CARLTON B. GOODLETT ARCHIVE: A Research Analysis of a Black Press7,499.08
Juanita HerediaAssociate Professor Global Languages Transnational Latinas/os and the City: Negotiating Urban Experiences in Twenty-first Century Literature and Popular Culture7,500.00
Chun-Hsing HoAssistant ProfessorCvl,Const, Env EngineeringInvestigating Thermal-Induced Deterioration of Asphalt Pavements in Northern Arizona12,790.63
Sara JarvisAssistant ProfessorBiological SciencesCharacterization of autonomic responses to acute and long-term exposure to moderate altitude15,022.03
Kurt LancasterAssociate Professor CommunicationsShooting with 16mm RAW Cinema Cameras7,500.00
Michael LermaAssistant ProfessorPolitics & Intl AffairsPrinciples of Navajo Good Governance13,234.40
Sheila NairProfessorPolitics & Intl AffairsMass Violence, Remembrance, and the Memorial/Museum7,500.00
Nathan NietoAssistant ProfessorBiological SciencesEndemic maintenance of zoonotic infectious disease: synergism between diverse host-vector dynamics and antigenic variation leads to long-term pathogen survival.15,000.00
George RudebuschProfessorPhilosophyPlato’s Laches: Argument Analysis and Alternative Interpretations 7,500.00
Andrew Sanchez MeadorAssistant ProfessorForestryOld Meets New: Using Aerial Photography and Computer Vision to Quantify Vegetation Structure9,743.95
Edward SmaglikAssistant ProfessorCvl,Const, Env EngineeringPilot Study: A Methodology for Addressing Bicycle / Motor Vehicle Conflict Zones14,199.30
Derek SondereggerAssistant ProfessorMathematics & StatisticsSynthesizing global viral abundances7,500.00
Tinna TraustadottirAssistant ProfessorBiological SciencesDoes Resistance to Oxidative Stress Increase in Response to an Exercise Intervention?14,984.00

2013 Awards

AwardeeRankDepartmentTitle of ProjectAmount
Ahuwalia, SanjamProfessorWomen and Gender StudiesSex, science, and society: Sexology in the Twentieth Century$5,307
Bredlau, SusanAssistantPhilosophyPerceiving a shared world: Huserl, attachment theory, and infant perception$6,000
Ciocanel, ConstantinAssistantMechanical EngineeringStructural supercapacitors - further development and characterization$22,523
Dang, YanAssistantComputer Information SciencesThe impact of current system beliefs on intention to use a new system$12,000
de Heer, HendrikAssistantPhysical Therapy and Athletic TrainingPhysical activity and changes in weight and fitness during the summer: a pilot study$10,898
Dunn, StephenProfessorMusicMusic for trumpet and electronics$5,000
Golden, AngelaAssistantNursingStudent perception of assignments in foundational nursing courses$1,990
Huntzinger, DeborahAssistantEarth Sciences and Environmental SustainabilityDeveloping a framework for a hydrologic response model for Northern Arizona$6,600
Isaki, EmiAssistantCommunication Sciences and DisordersProvision of speech-language pathology services using telepractice$4,698
Jarvis, SaraAssistantBiological SciencesBlood pressure reactivity: An inquiry of age and sex-related differences$16,400
Joshi, SanjayProfessorHistory"Whose sons are they?" Race, caste, class, gender, community and nation in colonial Kumaon$7,000
Kang, OkimAssistantEnglishEnhancing communication through structured intergroup contact$6,100
Kashanipour, RyanAssistantHistoryOf magic and medicine: Witchcraft and healing in eighteenth-century colonial Mexico$8,450
Kim, Yeon-SuProfessorForestryNavigating through the perils and promises of REDD+$3,600
Koppisch, AndrewAssistantChemistry & BiochemistryBacterial isoprenoid inhibition as a novel means to potentiate antibiotics$15,000
Lilly, MaryProfessorNursingDementia caregiver reports of proximity-seeking: A descriptive and feasibility study$20,000
Mann, ChristopherAssistantPhysics & AstronomyDetermination of coating properties using in-situ high temperature digital holography$8,000
Matera, MarcAssistantHistory"Race relations" and the end of empire in Britains, 1945-1965$6,906
Mueller, Mary KarenAssistantPhysical Therapy and Athletic TrainingImproving function in hospice and palliative care patients through functional assessment$4,310
Mueller, JulieAssistantEconomicsEstimating forest restoration benefits in the Lake Mary Watershed: A pilot survey$6,500
Neumann, MarkProfessorCommunicationAmateur film as a source of regional identity, culture, class and heritage in New England$5,300
Plonsky, LukeAssistantEnglishAn assessment of methodological quality in quantitative second language research$6,000
Raab, ScotAssistantPhysical Therapy and Athletic TrainingEffectiveness of foam rollers in improving muscle stiffness, muscle tone, and tissue compliance$12,000
Reisman, MaraAssistantEnglishWaging war on social convention: Fay Weldon, feminism, and British culture$6,000
Rudebusch, GeorgeProfessorPhilosophyPlato's latches: The German alternatives.$6,000
Stetina, PamelaProfessorNursingThe effectiveness of medication administration simulation on student learning outcomes$3,000
Traustadottir, TinnaAssistantBiological SciencesExercise hormesis: Effect of acute exercise on subsequent non-exercise oxidative challenge$16,400
Tuchscherer, RobinAssistantCECMEEBearing strength of concrete confined with steel fibers$11,200
Walker, NicoleAssistantEnglishMicrocosm$6,000
Warren, MeghanAssistantPhysical Therapy and Athletic TrainingFunctional movement screen and Y-balance test to predict injury in college athletes$4,895
Willis, FranklinProfessorArtA creative look into the persona of the Coconino Plateau$5,500