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  • Gremillion ag
    Paul Gremillion: Engineering in a Global SettingResearch Profiles | 11/13/2012

    Paul Gremillion, PhD Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental EngineeringCollege of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences  Sabbaticals can be more than time away;...

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  • Engineering Students
    Engineering Students Design and Build Their First Electric CarFeatured Story | 8/22/2012

    Aspiring engineers like to build things, but tackling big, labor-intensive, real-world projects is seldom part of an educational curriculum. At Northern Arizona...

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  • Acker 145
    Tom Acker: Harnessing Wind EnergyResearch Profiles | 8/2/2012

    Tom Acker, PhDProfessor, Mechanical EngineeringCollege of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural SciencesNorthern Arizona University is among the world's leading research...

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  • Clean-Powered Cars 145
    NAU engineering students design and build a clean-powered car Research Video | 7/24/2012

    Powering an electric car...

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  • Orden 145
    Brad Van Orden: Providing Solutions for the Renewable Energy Industry Research Profiles | 7/20/2012

    Brad Van Orden2006 BS in Mechanical EngineeringAs an undergraduate student at Northern Arizona University, Brad Van Orden never shied away from a challenge. While earning a...

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  • Mead 145
    Steve Mead: Building a Greener FutureResearch Profiles | 7/20/2012

    Steve Mead, PhD Professor and Associate Chair of Construction ManagementCollege of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences Steve Mead, Professor and Associate Chair of...

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  • NAU on Leading Edge 145
    NAU on Leading Edge of Smart Materials ResearchFeatured Story | 7/20/2012

    In Northern Arizona University (NAU) laboratories, teams of researchers are studying ways to make the aerospace, defense, and other industries more energy efficient...

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  • Toads_145
    Spring-like Protein Key to Muscle BehaviorFeatured Story | 7/20/2012

    An idea with its origins in ballistic prey catching—the way toads and chameleons snatch food with their tongues—may change fundamental views of muscle movement while...

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  • fire agg
    Students Design Stove to Combat Carbon MonoxideResearch News | 4/14/2011

    Nearly two million people worldwide die each year from using “cook-stoves” that incompletely burn fuels, resulting in soot and carbon monoxide poisoning for those living...

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