Human Research Forms

IRB Forms and Templates 

Templates for a variety of forms you may need when to support your IRB Application can be found in the IRBNet Forms and Templates Library. These include:

  •        Informed Consent templates
  •        Minor and Child Assent templates
  •        On-Line Survey Consent template
  •        Foreign Language Translation Certification form
  •        Amendment template
  •        Additional Personnel Addendum template
  •        Application for Continuing Review form
  •        Human Subjects Research Determination form
  •        Adverse Event Report forms
  •        Other useful forms and information

Because these forms are frequently updated to reflect regulatory and institutional requirements, only the current templates from the IRBNet library should be used to create your IRB application package.  Please do not copy from previously-used forms or other websites without first consulting the IRB Office.

Accessing Forms and Templates in IRBNet

  •       Open IRBNet.
  •       Click the “Forms and Templates” link at the left of the page.
  •       Select the “Northern Arizona University IRB, Flagstaff, AZ–Documents for Researchers” from the “Select a Library” pull-down menu.  The list of current, available forms will appear.
  •       Select the appropriate templates and forms.

IMPORTANT:  You must have an active IRBNet account to access these forms.  If you do not, refer to Step 3 in the instructions for applying for IRB approval.


Amendments must be submitted to the IRB whenever there are modifications to a research project that has already been approved by the IRB.  Some examples are changes to a research protocol (such as changes to procedures or the study population), extensions of the research timeframe, and the addition* or removal of researchers.  Changes to research must not be implemented until they have been approved by the IRB.

The Amendment form can be found in the IRBNet Forms and Templates library.  Amendments, as well as any other changes to projects that have already been approved by the IRB, should be submitted as a new package in IRBNET under the already-approved, original project.  (Do not open a new project in IRBNet for this purpose.)  For Instructions for creating a new package in IRBNet, click the link to the IRBNet Researcher Training Energizer2 materials under Step 3 of the instructions for applying for IRB approval.  Refer to the IRBNet Researcher Training Energizer2 materialsbeginning at Slide 8. 

* If you are adding researchers to your project, submit a completed Amendment form (see above), as well as an Additional Personnel Addendum.  List the names of the researchers you will be adding to the project in the Amendment form, then complete the requested information for each researcher in the Additional Personnel Addendum.  If you are adding multiple researchers, you may need to complete more than one Addendum form.  The Addendum form(s) must accompany any Amendment adding researchers.

Continuing of Research

For research projects in the Expedited and Full Board review categories, an Application for Continuing Review must be submitted to the IRB for review 30 days prior to the expiration of your project.  The Application for Continuing Review form can be found in the IRBNet Forms and Templates library.  Please note that the Application for Continuing Review is not a substitute for an Amendment.  If you are also changing your research, an Amendment form (see above) should be submitted along with the Application for Continuing Review.

Adverse Events

The IRB must be notified of any adverse events occurring during research projects immediately, but no later than 24 hours of the occurrence.  Use the Adverse Event Report form in the IRBNet library for this purpose.  If you cannot access the form for any reason, notify the IRB Office at 928-523-9551 or