Loss prevention

Arizona Revised Statutes R2-10-206 and 207 require state agencies to assess and identify risks and implement a Loss Prevention Program to reduce the frequency and severity of losses for that agency. Required program elements include, but are not limited to:

  • fire and life safety
  • emergency planning
  • motor fleet safety
  • environmental compliance
  • accident and injury reporting and investigation
  • property protection and security
  • all areas of chemical, biological, and radiation safety
  • liability and third party claims
  • workers’ compensation and lost time

The Northern Arizona University Loss Prevention Program is comprised of the following main components:

  • policy statement: The loss prevention policy statement, written by President Haeger, is written to inform the Northern Arizona University community of loss prevention efforts and to establish the expectation that every employee be an active participant in those efforts.
  • loss prevention coordinator: Each state agency lead must designate in writing a loss prevention coordinator. This role is established to coordinate campus wide loss prevention efforts and to serve as a liaison between active departments.
  • written manual: The Loss Prevention Manual is written to inform Northern Arizona University employees of applicable loss prevention efforts and requirements, and to assist employees in appropriate responses to loss events.
  • Loss Prevention Committee: The Loss Prevention Committee is comprised of representatives of Northern Arizona University departments which serve major roles in the university’s loss prevention efforts. This group meets quarterly, reviews losses, identifies trends, and develops corrective measures to reduce those losses.
  • employee training: All employees must be trained in the Loss Prevention Program. Training content may vary by job assignment. We provide on-site and online training options, or training materials at the department's request. Contact the loss prevention coordinator for more information.