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  • Bach ag
    NAU Professor Designs Interactive Website for Bach’s St. Matthew PassionResearch News | 3/14/2013

    To commemorate Bach’s birthday, Tim Smith, professor of music theory at Northern Arizona University, has designed a “virtual performance” of the St. Matthew Passion. The...

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  • downard ag
    NAU Faculty Awarded NSF Grant in Ethics Education Research News | 12/17/2012

    Northern Arizona University (NAU) Associate Professor of Philosophy Jeffrey Downard is the principal investigator of a multidisciplinary project that has been funded by...

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  • Burning Necessity ag
    Controlled Forest FiresWorth 1000 Words | 12/4/2012

    Prescribed fires are a necessary part of a healthy forest. Forest thinning and controlled burns help prevent catastrophic wild fires. From a distance, the smoke from these...

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  • Pallister 145
    NAU Professor Contributes to the History of the U.S. Disability Rights MovementResearch News | 11/2/2012

    Associate Professor of History Linda Sargent Wood has been investigating Montana’s care of people with cognitive disabilities in the last half of the 20th century. Her...

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  • Posterity plant ag
    Dried Penstemon pseduospectabilisWorth 1000 Words | 10/26/2012

    This dried Penstemon pseudospectabilis is part of NAU’S Colorado Plateau Biodiversity Center (CPBC). The CPBC is dedicated to the documentation and conservation of...

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  • poetry aggregator
    Poems That Influenced Our PresidentsFeatured Story | 9/27/2012

    In this presidential election year, NAU Professor Emeritus Paul J. Ferlazzo (American Literature) has published Poetry and the American Presidency (Peter Lang Publishing...

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  • Nakai 145
    R. Carlos Nakai: Celebrating Cultural Differences through MusicResearch Profiles | 8/2/2012

    R. Carlos Nakai1979 BS in Applied Science; 1994 Honorary DoctorateNorthern Arizona University alumnus and Grammy-nominated recording artist R. Carlos Nakai has reached...

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  • Brown 145
    Monica Brown: Inspiring through WritingResearch Profiles | 8/2/2012

    Monica Brown, PhDProfessor of US Multi-ethnic Literature and Women's StudiesCollege of Arts and LettersMonica Brown is telling stories. Lots of them.As a professor of U.S....

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  • Arcosanti 145
    The Arcosanti ProjectResearch Video | 7/24/2012

    Marketing Plan for Arcosanti...

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  • Percussion Ensemble 145
    NAU percussion ensemble features student composition Research Video | 7/24/2012

    Original percussion pieces...

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