Expanding the Boundaries of Knowledge

Northern Arizona University is committed to expanding the boundaries of knowledge through research. Widely recognized as a major research university producing basic and applied knowledge that addresses the challenges of the interior western United States, the NAU research enterprise also boasts strengths in bioengineering and biosciences, genetics and genomics, ecology and environmental research, forestry, sustainability, climate science, astronomy, and Native American health and wellness.

Research News

Professor tuned in to disability in musical theater 1/29/16
The portrayal of characters with disabilities in movies often earns critical acclaim: Think Dustin Hoffman in “Rain Man” and Colin Firth in “The King’s Speech.” Long before actors embraced these... read more

NAU program shapes future conservation change-makers 1/28/16
The Colorado Plateau is an expansive region defined by its diverse scenic beauty and myriad land, water and wildlife management challenges—making it the ideal outdoor classroom for 18... read more

Researcher’s Fulbright fellowship to shed light on cave ecology 1/22/16
For assistant research professor Jut Wynne, the past few years have been void of his favorite activity: crawling around in caves looking for bugs. Now, the prestigious, highly... read more

A surprise on Pluto leads NAU’s Trilling to unexpected conclusion 1/20/16
After the triumph of technology that led a spacecraft to Pluto, David Trilling turned to the foundational pillars of science—observation and curiosity—to propose that a major feature of the... read more

Atomic force microscope will investigate muscle movement at molecular level 1/15/16
In a concrete bunker set upon bedrock on the Northern Arizona University campus lies an instrument delicate enough to manipulate a single molecule.The atomic force microscope in the basement of... read more

Professor’s research used for online map of Grand Canyon geology 1/15/16
A new online map released by the Arizona Geological Survey highlights geology research done by Dale Nations... read more