Expanding the Boundaries of Knowledge

Northern Arizona University is committed to expanding the boundaries of knowledge through research. Widely recognized as the major research university producing basic and applied knowledge that addresses the challenges of the interior western United States, the NAU research enterprise also boasts strengths in bioengineering and biosciences, genetics and genomics, ecology and environmental research, forestry, sustainability, climate science, astronomy, and Native American health and wellness.

Research News

Arctic Carbon Release — Over Decades, Not Years 4/10/15
Modern climate change is often attributed to human activities as a result of fossil fuel burning, but natural ecosystems also play a role . . . read more

NAU Receives $4.1 Million NSF Forestry Grant 4/3/15
Northern Arizona University has been awarded the largest forestry-related grant in the college . . . read more

Ecological Benefits to Treating Ponderosa Stands 4/6/15
Does reducing forest density and/or implementing prescribed burns contribute to the resiliency . . . read more

Vegan Diet Reduces Body Inflammation 3/26/15
A vegan diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, various legumes, nuts, and seeds can significantly improve health-risk factors . . . read more

Balancing Carbon Storage with Endangered Species Habitat 3/17/15
A team of scientists, including NAU biology professors Bruce Hungate and George Koch, developed a forest simulation model to evaluate . . . read more

Magic Tricks Depend on a Misdirection of Attention 3/16/15
There is a reason why audiences can't figure out magic tricks.  It is the illusionist's deliberate misdirection . . . read more