Hall Allocations

RHA sets aside $350 for each on-campus residence hall, which may be used for expenditures such as hall improvement, programs and other uses approved by the RHA finance committee. In order to qualify for a hall allocation, the hall must be in good standing with RHA which is determined by the Vice President of Business Administration. Once the hall receives good standing approval, the hall may submit a Hall Allocation Request Form. Once submitted, the form will be reviewed for approval then the VP of Business Administration will provide final approval.

Below you will find an Intent Template. In order to encourage awareness and early spending we ask that you provide a written description of how you intend to you use the money to better your hall association. These will be due to the VP of Business Administration Kendrick Daly or to the RHA office by October 31st.

Please note that we encourage the use of Hall Allocations early within the year as that best provides for the benefit of the residents throughout the year.

Hall Allocation Intent Template

Hall Allocation Request Form

General Pot

RHA sets aside $3000 into a fund known as the general pot. This money is available to on-campus organizations and halls affiliated with NAU Housing and Residence Life, and may be requested to assist in on-campus programs and activities that are available to ALL on campus residents. In order to request these funds, proposals should be turned into the VP of Business Administration at least two weeks prior to the desired presentation date.

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General Pot Request Form 

Hall of Fame

RHA awards one hall each year with the prestigious Hall of Fame award. The current list of opportunities to earn points for this award as well as the current standings are linked below.
Hall of Fame Point Opportunities