Meet the Executive Board

  • Angel Arzola
    Angel Arzola


    Angel Arzola Ortega

    Position: President
    Hometown: Yuma, AZ
    Major: Biomedical Sciences
    Year in RHA: 4

    Angel moved to the United States in 2003 from San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora; a small town in Mexico located near Yuma, Arizona. He is now a senior at NAU and studies Bio-medical Sciences with a minor in Spanish. Angel aspires to one day be a medical doctor and perform surgeries to save people’s lives. He enjoys playing the guitar and singing as well as the occasional soccer tournaments on the NAU South Fields. An RHA member since his freshman year, Angel is extremely excited to be the RHA President this year.

  • Spencer Perzanowski
    Spencer Perzanowski

    National Communications Coordinator

    Spencer Perzanowski

    Position: National Communications Coordinator
    Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
    Major: Philosophy, Politics, and Law
    Year in RHA: 2

    Spencer is a sophomore and NAU RHA’s 2013-2014 National Communications Coordinator (NCC). As a freshman, Spencer served as an Allen Hall representative to RHA wherein he attended the IACURH, ARLC, NACURH and No Frills conferences. Spencer is excited at the opportunities presented to him by the NCC Position and is most looking forward to leading delegations of student leaders to conferences across the United Sates. Spencer loves living in Flagstaff and likes to spend his free time reading, writing of hanging out with friends around campus.

  • Coming Soon2
    Coming Soon2

    VP of Public Relations

    Kevin Wright

    Position: Vice President of Public Relations and Advertising
    Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
    Major: Computer Information Systems
    Year in RHA: 4

     Kevin Wright started his involvement with being a part of Allen Hall Association and being a council representative for the Residence Hall Association. While still trying to get used to the college atmosphere at NAU, he then decided to expand his time commitments to other organizations such as Chain Gang, Circle K International, the Black Student Union, and even went on to be a Founder of a faith-based fraternity and sorority, R.O.C.K. Alpha Omega. Kevin has previously served as the Vice President of Recognition and Programming for the National Residence Hall Honorary and is looking forward to his current position as the Vice President of Public Relations for RHA. Kevin aspires to be a President of a University by pursuing a career in the field of Student Affairs and Higher Education after graduating in the Spring of 2014. Kevin enjoys writing, networking, and participating in service projects to further benefit his community

  • Siera McGaffic
    Siera McGaffic

    VP of Special Events

    Siera McGaffic

    Position: Vice President of Special Events and Programming
    Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
    Major: English
    Year in RHA: 2

    Siera is a junior level English major serving as RHA’s 2013-2014 Vice President of Special Events and Programming. Siera joined RHA her sophomore year as a hall representative for Aspen Crossing Learning Community. During this first year she attended the IACURH, ARLC, and NACURH conferences in New Mexico, Phoenix, and Pennsylvania, respectively. She quickly became involved with event planning on the Special Events Committee, which sparked her interest in her current position. She also participated in the 2013 EDGE program as an “EDGEtator.” Siera is excited to plan some great events for the residents of NAU and to help new RHA members find passion in the organization just as she has!

  • Crystae Rohman
    Crystae Rohman

    VP of Business Administration

    Crystae Rohman 

    Position: Vice President of Business Administration
    Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
    Major: Accounting
    Year in RHA: 2

    Crystae got her start as an RHA representative in Cowden Hall her freshman year. She ran and was elected to the Vice President of Business Administration position at the end of her freshman year. She has presented programs at ARLC, IACURH and NACURH and loves getting involved and working with people. Crystae aspires to be an accountant upon graduation and looks forward to an exciting year in RHA.

Victor Salazar

Victor M. Salazar, Jr.

Position: Co-Advisor
Title: Coordinator of Staff and Community Development, Housing and Residence Life
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Degree: Master's in Higher and Post-secondary Education
Year in RHA: 1

Victor was born in San Antonio, TX where he completed his undergraduate degree from Our Lady of the Lake University. He completed his Master's degree from Arizona State University and arrived at Northern Arizona University in 2010. Victor previously served as a Residence Hall Director for Sechrist Hall and brings with him a wealth of knowledge of the on-campus student experience. Victor is a huge fan of the San Antonio Spurs and also enjoys taking in the beautiful Flagstaff scenery in his spare time

Rich Payne 2

Rich Payne

Position: Co-Advisor
Title: Executive Director, Housing and Residence Life
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Degree: Doctorate in Educational Leadership
Year in RHA: 19

Rich was born and grew up in Dallas, Texas. He obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degree from the University of North Texas and his doctorate from Northern Arizona University. Rich began as RHA’s co-advisor in 1994 and has served continuously since then. Rich is married to his wife, Cindy, and has three children. When Rich isn’t working he attends all his children’s sporting events, likes to read, travel, and goes sailing in his sail boat.