NAU’s Justice and Intelligence Studies undergraduate and graduate certificates are designed to prepare current or aspiring criminal justice practitioners to work in specific areas of law enforcement.

The classes in each certificate also satisfy required coursework in undergraduate or graduate degree programs. 

Undergraduate Certificates

Certificate in Intelligence-Led Policing

The Intelligence-Led Policing certificate prepares current and aspiring police officers, security professionals, and intelligence practitioners to legally collect, analyze, and disseminate intelligence information for the purpose of anticipating crime trends and proactively creating prevention strategies, while simultaneously respecting the rights of citizens. 

INT 440 Legal and Ethical Issues in Intelligence
INT 315 Intelligence Collection, Analysis and Technology
INT 370 Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risks
INT 415 Issues and Strategies of Counterintelligence
JUS 315 Intelligence-Led Policing

Certified Police Manager

The Certified Police Manager certificate prepares current or aspiring police leaders to gain fundamental leadership, legal, and organizational skills to effectively lead in the current police environment. Courses focus on leadership, employment law, contemporary criminal justice issues, cultural diversity, and ethics.

JUS 411 Criminal Justice Ethics
JUS 450 Leadership Theory and Practice for Justice Administrators
JUS 420 Employment Law for Justice Administrators
JUS 410 Cultural Diversity in the Justice System
JUS 337 Contemporary Justice Issues

Certificate in Emergency Management

A Certificate in Emergency Management allows you to gain an understanding of the phases of emergency management, along with specific information related to Incident Management Systems, Emergency Planning, Homeland Security and Disaster Recovery in Emergency Management.  Whether you are a full-time emergency manager or taking on emergency responsibilities as part of other job duties, the knowledge you gain in this Certificate program provides you with the tools you need to serve as a trained professional working to protect your community from emergency events.  The Certificate in Emergency Management is comprised of the following six courses:

EMGT 302     Introduction to Emergency Management
EMGT 340     Administration in Emergency Services
EMGT 400     Incident Management Systems
EMGT 410     Emergency Planning
EMGT 435     Homeland Security
EMGT 440     Disaster Recovery in Emergency Management 
The classes in each certificate may also satisfy required coursework in undergraduate degree programs. For more information regarding the Certificate in Emergency management contact your advisor. 

Graduate Certificate

The Executive Police Leadership certificate is designed to provide law enforcement executives in the public and private sector with the theoretical and practical knowledge to address current issues in law enforcement. In addition to advanced leadership and managerial coursework, students will explore the contemporary ethical, legal, and intelligence issues facing the police profession. 

Executive Police Leadership

JUS 530 Counterterrorism and Intelligence
JUS 610 Ethics in Justice Administration
JUS 620 Seminar: Critical Issues in Policing
JUS 630 Executive Leadership for Justice Administrators