Vice Provost Staff

Dr. Pauline Entin

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
PO Box 4122
Flagstaff, AZ  86011-4122
Phone: 928-523-1580
Fax: 928-523-2344

Daniella Watson 
Assistant to the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Phone: 928-523-1580

Courtney Giauque 
Fiscal Operations Manager
Phone: 928-523-6051


Pam Anastassiou
University Registrar
Phone: 928-523-2109
Office of the Registrar

Barbara Boschmans
Director, Mathematics & Statistics
Phone: 928-523-6801

Becky Butcher
Project Director, Strategic University Initiatives
Phone: 928-523-0642

Don Carter
Director, E-Learning Center
Phone: 928-523-1629
e-Learning Center

Cynthia Conn
Assistant Vice Provost for Professional Education Program (PEP)
Phone: 928-523-7624
Professional Education Programs

Laurie Dickson
Associate Vice Provost for Curriculum & Assessment 
Phone: 928-523-1829
Office for Curriculum, Learning Design, and Academic Assessment

Mikhael Star
Director, Special Projects and Administration
Phone: 928-523-5986