The Student Evaluation of Teaching (SETE) end-of-term course evaluation is a secure web-based system for conducting end-of-course surveys to evaluate the effectiveness of courses and faculty.  The SETE is a sustainable replacement for the handwritten bubble sheet, and provides a databank of over 300 vetted assessment items. The purpose of the SETE is to produce valid scores for measuring teaching effectiveness on a scale that crosses all course sections at the University. The intent is that the scores can be applied to a continuous improvement model that shows individual instructor growth over time. The SETE is one part of a more comprehensive evaluation of faculty.  Fall 2013 Results 

NAU Legacy FAQS (10.6.14)



Handbook (this document explains the process used to develop the survey questions)

A Guide to Interpretation of SETE Scores

Instruction for Accessing Reports for End-of-Term Course Evaluations

Questions that appear on the survey


Original Task Force Recommendations

Resources/References - Improving Response Rates