Curriculum Process

The central purpose of NAU's curriculum process is to develop and implement high quality student learning experiences.  If at any point you have questions or concerns about completing or submitting curricular changes, please contact us immediately.

Process Overview: Submission of curricula

To make a curriculum change that will appear in the Academic Catalog for your degree program or courses within your degree program

  • Begin by contacting your Curriculum Process Associate, Scott Galland at extension 1753.  
  • Your Curriculum Process Associate will fill out the necessary submission forms for you, return them to you, and work with you to prepare them for submission to the appropriate curriculum committees.
  • Department-level, college-level, and university curriculum committees will then review the forms and approve or deny the changes.  


Read the University Curriculum Committee bylaws, effective May 2, 2011.

Timelines and dates

Browse the effective timelines and dates for implementing curriculum changes.

University Curriculum Committee Members

View your college representatives on the University Curriculum Committee, which oversees undergraduate curricula.