What Our Stories Teach Us

What Do Our Stories Teach Us About How (and Why) We Teach the Way We Do?

Participants in this learning community will explore the importance of stories in teaching and learning and how, through a three stage reflective process we can learn to interpret and analyze these stories.

Stories are not merely a way of communicating course content, but a way of making meaning of the experiences underlying those stories. Engaging with others, teacher to teacher, teacher to student, student to student, we develop a sense of community which can enhance both the learning and teaching experience.

Once formed, this learning community will meet in a series of regular 1 ½ hour sessions throughout the academic year. Some common readings will inform the conversations as we work toward supporting and encouraging critical reflection about our teaching practice and how to apply it in the classroom for deeper learning on the part of our students.

This learning community is currently in continuation from its start in Spring 2014.

Resource Book: What Our Stories Teach Us: A Guide to Critical Reflection for College Faculty (by Linda Shadiow). Copies will be provided.

Ro Haddon, Director of Liberal Studies
Larry Gallagher, Faculty Professional Development Program