Math Emporium: The Lumberjack Mathematics Center

Math banner

Northern Arizona University is a leader in the use of technology for instruction and program delivery. And over the next few years, the university will take further steps to integrate proven technologies into undergraduate instruction by employing an emporium model, known as the Lumberjack Mathematics Center, for first-year math instruction. 

The emporium model has consistently produced spectacular gains in student learning and impressive reductions in instructional costs, and Northern Arizona University will build on the successful redesign of math courses and models developed at other universities.

The initiative will allow close interaction with faculty while requiring fewer faculty to educate more students. This innovative approach to teaching math is expected to increase student learning and improve student retention.

The facility will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology where students will receive personalized attention from faculty and other personnel while they work with instructional software, allowing students to progress at different paces to achieve course learning outcomes.

The model is likely to include regular weekly attendance in the technology lab, ensuring that students spend sufficient time on task and receive on-demand assistance. Weekly group meetings will enable instructors to follow up where testing has identified weaknesses or emphasize particular applications.

The Lumberjack Mathematics Center will be located initially on the third floor of the Health and Learning Center.

Information and updates are available here.