Visitor Parking

Dome 470

Welcome to our beautiful campus. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Year-round, a vehicle must display a valid permit to park on campus. After 4:30pm there are three lots that do not require a permit for your evening visit, they are P7A (north of the Health and Learning Center), P13 (behind Cline library), and P62 (near I-40).

No permit is needed to park on weekends and university recognized holidays in employee and commuter lots unless otherwise noted.

There are a number of parking options provided to our campus visitors. After parking an efficient shuttle system is available to help travelling across campus.

Visiting for the day or just a couple of hours

Pay-and-display - temporary permits can be purchased at the kiosk located near the entrances to campus. Permit options are for daily use at $7 or an hourly rate of $1.50 with a two hour maximum. Parking zone options designated by signage as NC (north commuter p13) or SC (south commuter p62, p46, p64, p65 or p66). Payment can be made using Visa, MasterCard and Discover only, no cash.

Kiosk locations are at the entrances to campus are listed below:

  • Knoles Drive
  • McConnell Drive
  • San Francisco Street
  • Riordan Road

Pay-by-space - parking is located in parking lots near duBois (p45) and the Union (p16) allowing for hourly parking at a rate of $1.50 with a two hour maximum. Payment can be made using Visa, MasterCard and Discover only, no cash.

Parking garages - located on Knoles Drive (96A), and San Francisco Street (96B) allow for both hourly at a rate of $2 up to five hours or daily parking at a rate of $10. Payment is made upon exit using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and JDE only, no cash.

Online permit - A $7 day permit may be purchased and printed from home or office by logging into "Manage My Parking" and selecting "purchase permit." Print the temporary permit and display it in its entirely on the passenger side dashboard.  

Government vehicle

A vehicle displaying a government license plate does not require a permit when conducting university business. This does not apply for personal use.

Conference and Department (guest/visitor) parking

University departments may order parking permits for guests. There are two types of permits departmental (valid for up to three consecutive days) or conference (date and event specific). These permits are not available for use by current NAU student, staff or faculty.  


Anyone performing a construction or maintenance project on campus is not considered a visitor and must follow all parking rules and regulations. The contractor must work through their NAU representative or project manager to assess parking needs that will allow for parking permits to be issued.


Vendors to campus are required to display a valid parking permit. Vendor parking needs that cannot be met utilizing one of the short term options can be discussed by calling out office at 928-523-6623 where direct need can be assessed.