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Login to your TaskStream account at www.taskstream.com.

TaskStream Guides and Tutorials for Faculty

Getting Started with TaskStream:

TaskStream Quick-Reference Guides:

For a complete listing of faculty referency guides on the TaskStream website, visit the TaskStream help section at http://taskstream.com.

Request a Faculty TaskStream Subscription

Faculty at NAU are eligible to receive free subscriptions to TaskStream. In order to receive a faculty TaskStream subscription, you'll need a key-code to use during the TaskStream signup process. To receive your faculty TaskStream key-code and instructions, Email TaskStream Support and let her know what courses you are teaching that require Taskstream. 

Sample Verbiage to put in Course Syllabi

The following text is a sample of what you might include in your course syllabus so that students are aware of the TaskStream requirement:

“Everyone enrolled in this course will need to have a TaskStream electronic portfolio subscription, and be enrolled in the appropriate TaskStream "Program" which contains your program portfolio.  More information about purchasing a TaskStream subscription and enrolling into a TaskStream Program is available in the “Student Resources” section of the portfolio project website.

NOTE: It is helpful if you provide your students with the current enrollment code, which you can find at the "Courses and TaskStream Enrollment Codes for PEP Courses Requiring TaskStream Assessments" link above. These codes change from time to time so it's good to make sure you give them the current one.

Signature Assignments and Rubrics used in Professional Education Programs

 Unit Courses

To locate the signature assignments and rubrics in courses which utilize TaskStream, instructors should follow these steps:

  1. Login to your TaskStream account at www.taskstream.com.
  2. Click the course from the list of programs/courses with which you are associated as an evaluator and/or reviewer. If you do not see any programs listed, or there is an incorrect program listed, please contact TaskStream Support to have your enrollment information updated in TaskStream.
  3. Click "DRF Setup Details" in the "Program Links" box on the right side of the page

If you have questions about the content of these signature assignments or rubrics, please contact your department chair or program coordinator. If you have technical difficulties accessing these materials, please contact TaskStream Support (928-523-9434).

Tips for Using TaskStream in Your Class

  • Don’t wait until the last week, or weeks, in the semester to have students submit assignments for evaluation.  This can be a difficult time to solve technical and other issues which may arise.
  • Signature assignments should be worth a significant portion of the course grade.  If signature assignments are not connected to a course grade, it can be difficult to compel students to submit their work for evaluation. 
  • Please contact your department chair for specific information regarding course point-values or weighting for signature assignments.
  • Allow your students to submit items for review prior to submitting them for final evaluation.  One of TaskStream’s primary strengths is its “Review” feature which helps facilitate a formative dialogue between instructors and students before assignments are submitted for final evaluation.
  • Remember, this is a learning portfolio which provides an opportunity for students to tell a story of their learning over time.  The more we value the formative learning aspects of electronic portfolios, the more our students will appreciate and benefit from their use.