TaskStream Frequently Asked Questions

What is TaskStream?

TaskStream is a web-based electronic portfolio application that allows students to upload and share selected work via the world wide web. TaskStream also has tools which allow students to create standards-based lesson plans, evaluation rubrics, and entire instructional units. For more information, visit the TaskStream website.

Do I have to subscribe to TaskStream? 

Beginning in the summer of 2005, certain programs and courses at NAU will require students to purchase TaskStream subscriptions. Classes which require TaskStream will provide that information in the course syllabus.

How much does a TaskStream subscription cost?

TaskStream subscriptions can be purchased for various lengths of time, from one semester to 6 years (see TaskStream website for subscription rates).

Who can access my portfolio?

As a subscriber to TaskStream, you determine who has access to your portfolio(s). Nobody can see the contents of your portfolio unless you publish it, or request review. Additionally, any portfolio that is published can also be password protected so that only those people with the appropriate password will be able to view your work. In general, YOU are the owner of your work, and you have complete control over who sees that work. Not even professors or administrators can see your portfolio until it is shared. 

How does TaskStream differ from BB/Learn? 

TaskStream is quite different from BB/Learn. BB/Learn is specifically intended to deliver and manage course materials for a specific course while TaskStream is used to tell an ongoing story about your academic and professional career. BB/Learn and TaskStream have similar communication tools, but TaskStream is not well suited for delivering course materials, just as BB/Learn is not well suited for aggregating and publishing student work as they progress through an entire program. 

Who owns my work once it has been uploaded? 

You are the owner of your work, and any portfolios you create in TaskStream. Affiliates and employees of NAU (staff, faculty, administrators, etc.) DO NOT have access to your account, or any of your portfolios, unless you actively share that work with those people. Further, your portfolios can be downloaded locally if you wish to cancel your TaskStream subscription. 

How many portfolios can I have?

As a TaskStream subscriber, you may create an unlimited number of portfolios, as long as you stay within the 100MB storage limit that comes with your account. If you need more space, it can be purchased seperately.

Will my NAU username and password work with TaskStream?

No. TaskStream is not affiliated with NAU, so you will need to create a different username and password when you sign up. Some people prefer to use their NAU username and password, while others prefer to use a different set of credentials. Your username and password will be emailed to the account which you specify in the signup process; remember to KEEP THAT EMAIL AS IT CONTAINS YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD.

How can I purchase a TaskStream subscription?

TaskStream subscriptions can be purchased directly from TaskStream website: http://www.taskstream.com/pub/enroll/ 

How do I retrieve my TaskStream username and/or password?

NAU faculty and staff DO NOT have access to retrieve your username or password. Your first step should be the "Forgot your login info?" link on the TaskStream homepage. You will be prompted for personally identifiable information that will help you retrieve your username and/or password. If this process does not work, you will need to contact TaskStream directly, at 1-800-311-5656.