Office of Fieldwork Experiences

The Office of Fieldwork Experiences is dedicated to providing quality student teaching experiences for students, mentor teachers, university supervisors, and the schools who host Northern Arizona University students. We encourage you to visit us on the NAU Mountain Campus or online for more information.

Student Teaching Term

The student teaching term is considered to be your professional experience consisting of a full term or more.  This is the term when you will transition from student to a teacher candidate!  Plan to follow the schedule of the school in which you are placed understanding that the start and end of the term will be different from the NAU calendar.  During the experience you are to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to meet the requirements for all teacher candidates.  The experience will be a transition into the classroom until you are primarily responsible for most or all of the duties and responsibilities of the mentor teacher.

All students in teacher education programs leading to certification are required to successfully complete each student teaching experience by the end of the student teaching term.  You must download and submit an application to student teach.   Please visit this page to access the current student teaching application and review submission requirements.

Student Teaching Options

Student teaching experiences must meet the program requirements for certification in order to be an approved placement.  Our office will handle all of the placement requests including all of the necessary paperwork to document that all requirements and expectations for each teacher candidate have been met.   Please note that a "request" to student teach in a specific district and/or school will be attempted whenever possible; however, not all "requests" are approved by the district or the school principal. Northern Arizona University provides choices when requesting where to student teach.  

The following options are available to all teacher education program students:

  • Arizona schools
    • Public districts
    • Public schools
    • Charter schools
    • Private schools
The following options are also available to the College of Education students:
  • Rodel Exemplary Teacher Foundation
  • Out-of-State

Student Teaching

Student Teaching is a required course for all students in a student teaching experience.  Registration is required.  Your degrees and institutional recommendations are based upon successful completion of a teacher education program with certification in an appropriate placement.