2014 Native American Heritage Month Events

Native American Heritage Month is a great way to celebrate the traditions and culture of the first indigenous peoples-the First Americans-of North America. The campus community is welcomed to participate and attend the various events planned for the month which highlights Native American accomplishments, contributions, and talents.

Poster available now (PDF format).

Native American people image

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November 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th

“Moc Mondays"

Native American Student Services is encouraging students and staff to join in "Moc Mondays" by wearing moccasins/traditional footwear on every Monday in November.  The official national "Rock Your Mocs" day is Saturday, November 15th.  This event is to honor our ancestors and Indigneous Peoples worldwide, together.   Follow NASS on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram throughout this month's celebration (#NAUNASS @NAUNASS).  Contact:  Simon Chief, 928-523-3622.

November 6th

Indigenous Human Rights Speaker Series - Deidra Peaches - "Water Rights" Documentary

Health & Learning Center (room 3108, bldg. 25)

5:30 PM

Ms. Peaches will share her experiences of her Paper Rocket Productions company.  The company promotes native stories, insight and entertainment for indigenous communities from around the world.  Contact:  Jamie Daisy Purdy, 928-523-3931 or daisy.purdy@nau.edu.  Hosted by:  Native American Student Services and University College.

November 7th

Native American Visit Day

High Country Conference Center (bldg. 58)

8 AM - 3:30 PM

This day is open to Native American high school students and parent to find out how NAU honors cultures through academic and personal development.  Learn more about campus services, resources, and programs.  ADVANCE REGISTRATION is required online at nau.edu/visitday.   For more information, call toll free 888-628-2968 or email admissions@nau.edu.

November 8th

NACA Veterans Day Event Veteran's Day Celebration

Coconino High School, 2801 N. Izabel Street, Flagstaff, AZ

10 AM - 1 PM

Join Native Americans for Community Action (NACA) in honoring the men and women who have served this country.  Gifts for all Veterans in attendance.  Performers, Presenters, and Luncheon.  Hosted by NACA, Inc.  Contact:  Emmeleta Burruel, 928-526-2968 or at ssp@nacainc.org.

 4th Annual Indigenous Bash - Southwest Synergy

Du Bois Ballroom (2nd floor, bldg. 64)
4 PM

This year's bash will feature Joe Tohonnie, Jr. & the Apache Crown Dancers, The Davis Brothers, Hoo Yapi, Joseph Secody, Steven Toya, Sr. & Family Dance Group and Travis Terry. Sponsors:  Connecting to Higher Education Indigenously Club, Department of Applied Indigenous Studies, and Student Activities Council.  
Contact:  Burrell Jones, 928-523-6624 or bdj28@nau.edu

November 13th

Celebrating Foods of the Southwest

University Union Hot Spot (bldg. 30)

11 AM - 2 PM and 5 - 8 PM

Magellan's Food Station menu:  Red and green chile stews, posole, corn with pinto beans, cornbread, and other delicious dishes.  Advance ticket price:  $7/person (purchase with cash at Native American Student Services, Native American Cultural Center, bldg. 14).  Door price:  $10 (lunch) or $11 (dinner).  Hot Spot accepts VISA/Mastercard, cash, meal plan and JDE.  Contact Native American Student Services, 928-523-8086.11

Indigenous Human Rights Speaker Series
1 PM - Keola Wong - Contemporary Native Hawaiian Identity
2:30 PM - Dr. Christopher Jocks - First Nations Resistance in Canada

1 PM lecture will be held at the Native American Cultural Center Gathering Room  (bldg. 14)

2:30 PM lecture will be held at the School of Communications (room 118, bldg. 16)

Contact:  Jamie Daisy Purdy, 928-523-3931 or daisy.purdy@nau.edu.  Sponsors:  Applied Indigenous Studies, Ethnic Studies, Native American Student Services, University College, and the Native American Cultural Center.

Drawn to Heritage: Indigenous Culture

LEADS Center (room 104, bldg. 30)

5-7 PM

Come to this event where you can create an art piece that celebrates Native American diversity.  Food and dessert will be provided.  Contact:  Joanna Wong or Davida Delmar, 928-523-5656.  Sponsor:  Inclusion & Multicultural Services.

Navajo film themselves

"Navajo Film Themselves" Documentary


Cline Library Assembly Hall (bldg. 28)

7 PM

A documentary of six silent films showing the daily lives of several Navajo families in the late 1960s.  The film features a group of Navajo students residing in Pine Springs, AZ.  A discussion will follow the film showing.  Contact:  Carissa Tsosie, Cline Library, 928-523-2173.

November 14th

Jewel Honga

Miss Indian NAU Organization Pageant 2015

du Bois Center Ballroom (2nd floor, bldg. 64)

6:30 - 9:30 PM

This annual event celebrates the heritage of Native American women who are vying for the opportunity to represent University students.  Contestant application deadline: November 6, 2014 by 5 PM.  Sponsors: MINAUO and the Student Activities Council.  Contacts:  Jewel Honga (jh852@nau.edu), Sharon Doctor, 928-523-6960.


November 17th

WA Redskins Mascot I Am Done

Indigenous Human Rights Speaker Series
Discussion Forum:  "Native American Mascotry"

W. A. Franke College of Business Gardner Auditorium,  (room 101, bldg. 81)
6:30 PM

This discussion forum will feature the following panelist:  Ms. Amanda Blackhorse, NAU Head Football Coach Jerome Souers (invited), and Dr. Christopher Jocks.  Contact:  Jamie Daisy Purdy, 928-523-3931 or daisy.purdy@nau.edu.  Sponsors:  Applied Indigenous Studies, Ethnic Studies, Native American Student Services, University College, and the Native American Cultural Center.

November 18th

Traditional Knowledge Scholars' Lecture - Marina Vasquez
"Amaranth - An Ancient Wonder Food"

Native American Cultural Center Gathering Room (bldg. 14)

12-1 PM

This presentation will be about an ancient plant called amaranth.  This gluten-free plant was banned from the new world after Spaniards saw how the Native Americans worshiped and valued this plant for its proteins, minerals, and vitamins.  Contact:  Applied Indigenous Studies, 928-523-6624.

November 19th

Applied Indigenous Studies (AIS) Roundtable Discussion
Topic: "The Current State of Indigenous Nation-Building: Expression, Environmental Education, Health, Dependency, Resources and Sovereignty"

Native American Cultural Center Gathering Room (bldg. 14)

12-1:30 PM

Contact:  Dr. Karen Jarratt-Snider, Applied Indigenous Studies, 928-523-6624.

November 21th

Hand Drum Contest

Native American Cultural Center Gathering Room (bldg. 14)

5 PM

FREE admission.  There is a $10 entry fee for singers.  Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.  Limited Arts and Craft vendor spaces available for $25 each.  Contact:  Sean Begay, sbb42@nau.edu.  Hosted by Native Americans United.