Feel at home here

Attending a university doesn’t have to mean leaving your culture and values behind. With resources such as the Native American Cultural Center (NACC), which sits at the heart of campus, you can stay connected to your identity and traditions.

Want to make new friends and attend cultural events?  

Stop by—we’d love to see you. Our environmentally conscious LEED certified facility has a great view of the San Francisco Peaks. At the NACC, we welcome:

  • visiting elders, tribal representatives, and scholars
  • outdoor events and activities (along with indigenous landscaping and a beautiful sunrise view)
  • concerts
  • meetings
  • social gatherings
  • story telling

Need help with schoolwork?

At the NACC, you can:

  • pick up a hot beverage
  • study
  • work with tutors in math and Navajo
  • use our computers to print your work
  • all of these services are free of charge!

And better still, Cline Library is conveniently located just across the street.

Need help navigating the university?

Native American Students Services can help you:

  • find scholarships
  • choose classes
  • balance cultural, family, and university obligations