Field Experience in Conservation Biology Student Conservation Research Grants

NAU’s Field Experience in Conservation Biology (FECB) is offering small grants to enhance student research projects and facilitate the success of student-originated conservation initiatives. Awards are up to $250 each. All former and currently enrolled FECB students are eligible to apply.

Awards must be used to advance student initiatives related to research and conservation in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) and for project-related materials, travel within the Mariana Islands, and/or services. Awards may NOT be used for salary, tuition, or program fees.

To apply, submit a succinct one-paragraph description of the project, including: 1) the research question and hypotheses, 2) a statement of need, 3) anticipated outcomes, and 4) a justification of relevance to natural resource conservation in the CNMI. In addition to the paragraph, include an itemized budget and timeline.

Awards are competitive. Funding decisions are based on need, quality of presentation, clarity of logic, and likelihood of success/impact.

Application deadline: January 31, 2014, at 5:00 PM (ChST)

Conditions of Award

Upon acceptance of the award, the recipient agrees to the following conditions:

  • Acknowledgment of FECB support must appear in publications, presentations, and Web pages of any material based on or developed under an FECB-supported project
  • Significant (>10%) deviations from the budget must be approved by FECB staff
  • Funds must be spent within six months of the award, unless the recipient has prior permission from FCEB staff, or the award must be returned 
  • A full explanation of how the award was spent, including receipts, must be provided to FECB no later than six months after the award date

Contact Information

For additional information or to submit a grant request, please contact Russell Benford or Nashelly Meneses.