2014 Student Research Awards

2014 award recipient Jenna Garrett
NAU student Jenna Garrett receives small grant to study effects of invasive vines

Six undergraduate students receive conservation research awards

Six NAU undergraduate students will receive small awards to support their research in the Northern Marian Islands, as the result of gift to the NAU Foundation by a faculty member. The students are participants in the Northern Mariana Islands Program, a hands-on education and research program in wildlife conservation and ecology offered through NAU’s Field Experiences in Conservation Biology.

NAU Department of Biological Sciences students Kahlen Darr, Jenna Garrett, Christina McIntire, Adriana Nimer, Karah Roof, and Janice Talley received the research awards. The students’ research ranges from assessing the effects of invasive vines on native plant diversity to human impacts on the organisms living in ocean sediment.

A U.S. Commonwealth, the Northern Mariana Islands are an archipelago that encompasses 14 islands in the western Pacific Ocean. The islands and their wildlife are facing a wide array of conservation challenges, including invasive species, land development, and coral reef bleaching among others. Student research will focus on efforts to address pressing conservation challenges.

“This gift is the first of its kind to the program, but we hope that it will jump-start giving from donors who are interested in promoting learning and research in the area of conservation ecology,” said Dr. Russell Benford, Program Director of NAU’s Field School in Conservation Ecology and Assistant Research Professor.

Field Experience in Conservation Biology is a faculty-led study abroad program sponsored by the Center for International Education and the Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research.

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