Type Project Complete

Two undergraduate students, Allison Baker and Josh Brindley, completed an independent research project this spring that found all of the type specimens housed at the Deaver Herbarium. A type specimen is one particular specimen or a group of specimens of a plant to which a new scientific name is attached. The Deaver Herbarium has almost 60 types that are now stored separately from the general collections. These types have been cataloged and will soon be photographed.

New State Record Found

Deaver Herbarium staff members continue to increase the number of plant species known to live in Arizona. In September 2012, the dwarf snapdragon (Chaenorhinum minus), a nonnative species originating in Eurasia, was collected near Flagstaff, Arizona, representing the first state record for this species. The dwarf snapdragon is an annual that likes disturbed gravelly soils.