The Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research (MPCER) promotes cross-disciplinary research and education to understand critical environmental processes and the implications of change resulting from human activities. Additionally, the MPCER has been instrumental in developing and supporting infrastructure needed to advance both research and education. Through its efforts, the MPCER is helping to create the scientific knowledge and understanding needed to address significant environmental challenges, including climate change and biodiversity loss. Since its inception, the geographic focus of the MPCER has expanded beyond the Colorado Plateau to include research sites in places as far away as the Mariana Islands.

  • Great place to meet!
    Great place to meet!

    Facilities & Services

    Affordable housing for visiting researchers and a great meeting space! 

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  • Hands-On Learning small
    Hands-On Learning small

    Hands-on Learning

    Opportunities for students to gain real-world experience 

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  • Public Outreach
    Public Outreach

    2014 summer camp is back!

    Summer camp for kids who love bugs is back! July 14-18, 2014, NAU Flagstaff campus 

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