Insurance and payment

Our services are available for all currently-enrolled Northern Arizona University students who have paid the mandatory semester Health and Recreation Fee. Insurance is not required to receive our services; however, it is suggested.


You can choose from these four plan options in order to get treatment from Medical Services:

  • Fee for Service: You pay out-of-pocket for services and are charged $58 per office visit along with any other labs or procedures you have done.
  • Gold Plan: You pay $120 per semester and most services provided by Medical Services are covered with a $5 co-pay per service.
  • Major medical student insurance plan: This group health insurance product is offered by all three state universities in Arizona and provides group coverage to students who are uninsured, need a less expensive alternative, or need an Arizona provider network. Primary care is covered at Medical Services with a $10 co-pay for each office visit, lab, or x-ray.
  • Your own contracted insurance: We are currently contracted with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and United Healthcare. For additional information contact our insurance office at 928-523-6343.

The Gold Plan must be paid in full to be in effect. Any services received before the plan is paid in full will not be covered at the discounted rate.