Digital History project application

Programs at NAU

  • 2013-2014: Undergraduate Student Project: Travelling Exhibit, THROUGH THE EYES OF YOUTH: LIFE & DEATH IN THE BEDZIN GHETTO
  • 2013-2014: Undergraduate Student Project: Permanent NAU Exhibit, BERLIN WALL
  • Sep 28: Teacher Training: Bullying Prevention: Diversity, Moral Courage, Empathy
  • Oct 22: Fall Speakers Series: Harold Minuskin, Surviving with Jewish Partisans
  • Oct 28: Director’s Mini-Lecture: Richard Wagner & Antisemitism in 19th Cent. Germany, Horizon Concert Series, Wagner’s 200th anniversary
  • Nov 8: Fall Speakers Series: Doris Martin, Holocaust Survivor Testimony
  • Nov 14: Fall Speakers Series: Dr. Nadine Blumer: Roma: Forgotten Holocaust Victims
  • Nov 19: Performance Event: Messiaen’s Quator pour la fin du temps, with Lecture by Dr. Joseph Tolt (Sydney, Australia) and students from Martin-Springer Institute and School of Music
  • Spring 2014: MSI-Faculty Reading Group: M. Walker’s Moral Repair
  • Jan 27, 2014: With Justice for All: An evening with Morris Dees, Southern Poverty Law Center
  • Mar 11- Apr 26: WOUNDED LANDSCAPES: POST-HOLOCAUST ART, Exhibit at NAU Art Museum
  • Mar 26: Karen Baldner and Arie Galles: Artist Talk (WOUNDED LANDSCAPES)
  • Mar 27: Reception for WOUNDED LANDSCAPES
  • Apr 24: Soft Opening of Permanent BERLIN WALL Exhibit
  • Apr 30: Book Reception for Dr. Alex Alvarez, The Question of Native American Genocide
  • June 12-13: Advance Holocaust Educators Seminar with Laura Boughton (USHMM) and Sherry Bard (ADL-Echoes & Reflections)

Educational programs

We offer a variety of educational programs:

  • a public speaker series, teacher training programs, seminars, and workshops
  • applied research opportunities and extracurricular activities for students
  • international exchanges
  • symposia and fellowships for scholars
  • commemorative events and art exhibits for the community
  • joint programming with a variety of constituencies 

Program highlights

Among the many speakers that MSI has hosted are Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, Dr. Cornel West, Art Spiegelman, Winona LaDuke, and Paul Rusesabagina. Educational seminars and projects include: 

  • field trips to the Arizona/Mexico border 
  • traveling exhibits 
  • applied research projects on the history of the Holocaust
  • diversity and bullying prevention training for teachers 
  • racial reconciliation seminars