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German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields

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Tickets will be available as of January 5, 2014.

Through the Eyes of Youth

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Forever scarred by years of German occupation, innocent boys and girls in the Polish city of Będzin saw a world of violence, hatred and loss through young eyes.

A new exhibit curated by Northern Arizona University undergraduates that tells the story of young people in Będzin before, during and after the Holocaust will open Sept. 30 on the NAU campus. Read more.

NAU student create traveling holocaust exhibit

The Holocaust exhibit features seven teens from Bedzin, Poland. Two now live in Arizona.

NAU Holocaust Exhibit Focuses on Survivors of Będzin Ghetto

KNAU reports on new student-curated Holocaust exhibit.

Holocaust Exhibit Opens on Campus

NAZ Today discusses a new exhibit on the NAU campus entitled Through the Eyes of Youth: Life and Death in the Bedzin Ghetto.