Ektron CMS Troubleshooting

Run into an issue while using Ektron CMS? Check out common issues and how to resolve them.

You can also contact EDEN Support at 928-523-9CMS (3-9267) or EDEN-Support@nau.edu.

Table of Contents

Remove spacing before a line


To remove the extra wide space:                                                                

  1. Put your cursor at the front of the line directly below the extra space.
  2. Hit the "Backspace" key.
    • WideLineSpace - backspace key just hit
  3. Click "Shift + Enter". The extra space should be removed.
    • WideLineSpace - extra space removed
  4. Repeat for each line.

Permissions: I do not have permissions for a page on my site

If it does not appear that you have permissions for a particular page on your website, check the status of your webpage.

Page must be in "A" status

  1. Log into Ektron CMS.
  2. Navigate to your site's folder. 
    • Do NOT use Surf and Edit mode.
  3. Click on your site folder to see display the webpages in your folder.
  4. Pages must be in an "A" or "I" status for you to be able to edit.
  5. See the "Page Status" section of the "Publish-Save-Check-in" page for further details.

Must use Google Chrome or Safari

  • Make sure you are using the "Google Chrome"  or "Safari" internet browsers. Using other browsers will not give you all permissions you need to maintain your site.

Menu: missing error when adding a menu

If you have added a menu to your website, but the word " <missing> " is appearing in the left navigation you may need to update your page layout. See the page layout webpage in our online manual for more details.

 Menu Missing