Inserting photos

How to insert photos in layout editor

  1. To insert a photo on an existing page in a layout editor module, place the blinking text cursor where you would like your image to appear and press the Spacebar. 
    • The CMS will not insert a photo on the edge of a content area, so inserting this space allows an image to be placed in that location.
  2. In the toolbar, select the Library icon (a blue book) and a new window will open. Navigate to the folder that will house your image file on the server. Images should be saved in your "Media" folder.
  3. library icon 

  4. Select the “Add Library” icon (book with an arrow, next to the magnifying glass).
  5. add library icon 

  6. Select “Choose File” and navigate to the local image file (on your computer).
  7. choose file 

  8. Select “Open”.
  9. Add a title to the image.
  10. Select the “Add to Library” icon (books with plus sign, next to the magnifying glass).
  11. add to library 

  12. Delete the space you inserted before the picture in step one. Your image should now appear in the “Content Editor” where your text cursor was placed.