How to add an inline image

Adding an inline image

Using an inline image allows you to place an image on a page with the option to add a caption.  The text will wrap around a 230px image and a 470px image will be displayed across the entire width of a standard page.

 230px example   470px example 

  1. When in "Edit" mode on a page, create a new Page Content area and select the “Image” Content Type.
    content type image 
  2. Click the Image icon. image icon 
  3. Choose an image width, either 470 pixels or 230 pixels.  Choosing 470 px will display a large, centered image that takes up the whole width of a standard page.  Choosing 230 px will display an image covering half the page, with the text wrapping on the side. NOTE: The pictures you upload must be cropped to a width of either 470 px or 230 px for the image to appear correctly.
    image width 
  4. Create a caption for your image.  If you do not want to include a caption, leave the text field blank.
  5. To add text to the page, click the blue notepad icon and add your text under the Layout Editor content type. blue notepad icon