Banners are used on the welcome page of your website.

Prepare images

Size your images by referencing the image size index and following the steps for prepping photos.

Create banner

  1. Navigate to your "_Media" folder.
  2. Select "New", "Smart Form" and then "Page Banner".
    • banner smartform
  3. Complete the banner form.
    • banner form
    • Title: Should be named: NameOfPage Banner (ex. Dining Banner).
    • Image: Add an image by clicking the image icon and navigating to your photo.
    • Caption: Add a caption if you want one to display beneath your banner.
    • Add another image: Click on the blue item icon at the bottom of the form.
  4. Click "Publish".

Add banner to page

  1. Navigate to the page on which you will add the banner and click the "Edit" button.
  2. Click the "Add Banner" box at the top of your page.
    • banner clickbox
  3. Click on the folder next to "Choose Banner" and navigate to your banner and click "OK".
  4. Click the publish icon to save your changes.