How to add a video

  1. Select “Content” tab.
  2. content tab 

  3. Navigate to the appropriate working folder.
  4. training folder 

  5. Click on “New”, then select “Smart Form” and choose “Video” from the options.
  6. new smart form 

  7. You will see the screen below:
  8. smart form example 

  9. Enter a title for your video in the “Title” field.
  10. Your video must be hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or Extended Campuses. 
    • If using YouTube or Vimeo, enter the link for the video in the "Video Id" field. 
    • If using an Extended Campuses video, select the "Extended Campuses Archived Video" option from the dropdown list. You will not enter the link for the video in the "Video Id" field here. Instead, you can find the NAU TV's video ID as a 3-4 digit number at the very end of the video's URL. Enter that number into the "Video Id" field.
      • The "Autoplay" checkbox will automatically be checked. This forces the video to play on the page you will be attaching it to without prompting from the user.
      • The "Show Branding?" checkbox will add Extended Campuses branding to the video.
      • The "Show Video Browser?" will include a module at the bottom of the video so that you can browse additional NAU TV videos.
  11. Publish your page by clicking the “Publish” icon. publish 
  12. Open the “Content Editor” of the page on which you would like your video to appear. Select the blue notepad icon to the left of the “Page Content” section. notepad icon 
  13. Choose either to “Insert Above” or “Insert Below”, depending on where you would like the video “Resource” to appear.
  14. insert above 

  15. Select “Resources” in the “Content Type” drop-down box.
  16. resources 

  17. Click the “+ Resource” button, then click again on the folder icon.
  18. resources button 

    resources folder icon 

  19. Navigate through the CMS folder structure to find your video Smart Form and select “OK”.
  20. Your video should now appear on the page after publishing.