These are the step-by-steps needed to update media, such as images, videos and galleries.

Guidelines and Standards

Media--images and videos--should complement your site. Add media thoughtfully, and not just to make your site "prettier." 

All Media should be stored in the “_Media” folder for your site.

Media takes up much more space on our server, much more than text.  Because of its size, media may take a while to load especially with our dial-up visitors.

Copyright guidelines

If in doubt about your legal right to use content or images, don't. In some cases the originator of the content/image will indicate that it is for public use or 'creative commons.' As long as you can come back to the original content/image and show that the creator authorized its public use, you may incorporate it into your site. 

If you need assistance with photography for your site, please feel free to use the photos provided in our photo gallery or request a photographer.

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