Editing Metadata

How to edit Metadata

Metadata is information about the content of your page.  In the CMS, it assigns the page template and the keywords that enable users to search for the specific page. 

  1. To edit the “Metadata” for a page, navigate to your page and select the “edit” icon.
  2. edit icon 

  3. Select the tab labeled "Metadata".
  4. metadata tab 

Page layout

  1. Attach the page layout by clicking on the “Edit” button under “Page Layout: (Content)”.
    page layout 
  2. Navigate to a page layout created for your site, found in the “_Shared” folder.
  3. Double-click on the layout file to select it, then click the “Save” icon located on the lower half of the screen.
    training layout 


  1. To add keywords for a page, scroll down to the “Tags” section and select “Add Tag”. A text box will open.
  2. tags 

  3. Enter in the keywords for the page.
    1. Note: When inputting keywords, it is important to remember:
      1. Enter singular words.  Example: enter “student” and “resources” but not “student resources.”
      2. Leave out punctuation and capitalization. If they are left in, users will only find the page in the search results if they also input the exact punctuation and capitalization.