Inserting a hyperlink

You can link to external websites, other webpages in Ektron CMS and to documents (.pdf, .doc, .xls, and .ppt).

How to insert a hyperlink

  1. Highlight selected text where the hyperlink should appear.
    • Hyperlinks should be linked to nouns in a sentence. Do not write a sentence explicitly telling the site visitor to click on the link.
  2. hyperlink text 

  3. Select the “Hyperlink Manager” icon from the toolbar (the globe with connected link). A new window will open.
  4. hyperlink button 

  5. Input the web address to the hyperlinked page. You can either hyperlink to an external page, another page within the CMS (on the university website) or a .pdf, .doc, .xls or .ppt file.
    • If you hyperlink to an external page, paste your link into the URL field. Be sure to input “http:// …”.
      •  hyperlink manager
    • If you link to another page in the CMS or a document loaded in your "_Forms" folder, select the ellipses icon ellipses icon and navigate to the page or document within the CMS (if you don’t see your page in the list, make sure that “Quicklinks” is selected as the filter in the first drop-down box. See image below).
      • Double click the page/document title to add, or select the “Insert” icon (book with an arrow).
      • library folder nav
  7. Link text are the words linked to on your page.
    • Place the same text in the “Tooltip” box. The text in the tool box can be read by screen readers for our sight impaired guests, make sure the hyperlink accurate reflects the page linked to.
  8. link text box 

  9. If you are linking to an external site (like a professional affiliation) or to a document, select the “Target” drop-down box and choose “New Window.”
  10. new window 

  11. Select “OK.”
  12. Your link should now display in the “Page Content” section.

Open a link in a new window

When a link leads to a website that is not an NAU site or to a document (.pdf, .doc, .xls or .ppt), it's a general rule to have it open in a new window. That way, users can navigate the non-NAU site or review the document, yet easily return once they're finished. 

To do this, right click on the link to the site or .pdf and choose "Set link properties."
A new window will open with hyperlink options. Select the "Target" dropdown list and choose the "New window" option. Click OK.
Once you publish the page, the link will now open in a new window or tab in the user's web browser.