Editing text

Also reference CMS Guidelines and Standards for editing text guidance.

Format text

  1. To edit, click into the Page Content Section and input text and/or make your desired changes. Use the toolbar to format text.
  2. There are four different text styles to be used within the “Page Content” section:
    • Normal (p) – Text style of normal size, used for plain text on the page
    • Heading 3 (H3)

      Large sized sage colored text, used for headings in different page sections

    • Heading 4 (H4)

      Medium sized bolded black text, used for smaller headings within H3 headings

    • Heading 5 (H5)

      Normal sized bolded black text, generally not used since Normal bold text is the same
       heading dropdown 

  3. A couple guidelines to following with headings:
    1. Use sentence case for headings (ex. Characteristics of bears).  Note that only the first letter in the first word is capitalized. 
    2. Use the headings in the order they are presented. H3 for first level of dividing text, H4 for the next level, and H5 for the last.
    3. Do not hyperlink to headings.
  4. To change the style of your text, highlight it and select the style you want to use from the drop-down box in the toolbar.

Copy and paste text

  1. Highlight and copy text (Ctrl + C) to insert on your page.
  2. Go to your page and place your cursor at the spot to insert your text.
  3. Right click, and from the menu select one of the following options:
    1. Paste from word.  This option will copy formatting, such as bullets, italics, and tables.
    2. Paste plain text. This option will strip out all formatting and leave only text.
  4. In the window that pops up, paste your text (Ctrl + V) and click the "OK" button.

Get your text to display with the correct formatting.

When you copy and paste directly into a Page Content section, you may end up with strange fonts, font sizes and formatting that isn't desirable, highlighted here:
Inline image 3
Even worse, it could cause your entire page to seize up, closing up all the Page Content sections, highlighted here:
(Note: should this happen when editing a page, do not publish the page.  Instead, click the "Cancel" button.)
To avoid either of these mistakes, make it a habit to always "Paste from Word" or "Paste from plain text."
Inline image 4
When you "Paste from Word," a new window will open where you can paste your copied content directly.  Formatting like bullets, numbering, tables, and headings will be retained, as seen here:
Inline image 5
When you "Paste Plain Text," the same window will open where you can paste your copied content directly.  All formatting like bullets, numbering, tables and headings will be removed, however.
You should have no more problems copying and pasting content by using these two methods!