How to edit existing pages in the CMS

Locate your page

  1. Navigate to the appropriate working folder and click on it.
  2. training folder 

  3. Select the page by clicking the page title from the list of folder items in the center of your screen.
  4. The CMS will display the page's "Content" section. This is a CMS preview of what is included on the page.
  5. CMSContent
  6. Click the “Edit” icon in the toolbar (the paper and pencil icon).
  7. edit icon 

  8. You will now be in the Content Editor for the page you have selected.

How to view the page Alias (preview)

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The Alias is a preview of what your page will look like when it is published. You can use it to view the layout of your page, view changes, or make quick changes that will display instantly.

  1. In the CMS, select the page you wish to preview by clicking on the title of the page.
  2. page preview 

  3. Select the "Alias" editing tab.
  4. alias tab 

  5. Select the link to the page Alias.
  6. alias link 

  7. A new tab will open displaying a preview of your page. You can make quick edits to your page by selecting the bubble icon at the top of the page and choosing “Edit.”
  8. page edit preview 

  9. A new window will open in the Content Editor. After making your desired changes and selecting “Publish,” you will be taken back to the page Alias where you can view your changes.