Add a document

.PDFs, .docs, .xls and .ppts can be added to your Ektron CMS and should be saved in your "_Forms" folder.

After adding documents, you can hyperlink them to your webpages.

Considerations of uploaded documents

Naming: Do not include years in the naming conventions. Documents can only be overwritten if the name of the file uploaded is the same as the name of the file you want to replace it with. Overwriting files is useful as it eliminates the need to relink a document to multiple pages.

Type of Document: .PDF documents will open and display their content on a single click, whereas .doc, .xls and .ppt files need to be downloaded, and then opened by the users. Here is an example of a linked .PDF file, and here is an example of a linked .doc file.

Add document

  • Navigate to your “_Forms” folder
  • Click on the “Add Assets” icon
    •  Add Asset
  • Click “Choose File” and navigate to the document to upload.
    • Add Asset Upload
  • Click “Upload”

Link the document to your page

To hyperlink the document to you page: