Editing "Next Steps"

How to edit “Next Steps”

The Next Steps section is used to provide related links outside of the main menu to help guide the user to relevant pages. These are not required and should be removed if not used (See "Adding/removing Next Steps" section below). 

  1. Navigate to the webpage to modify and edit it.
  2. In the “Content Editor”, scroll down to the “Next Steps” section.
  3. Next Steps

  4. Enter the text you would like your link to display in the “Link Text” box.
  5. link sample text 

  6. Select the link icon to open the Hyperlink Manager window. next steps link icon 
  7. Select the ellipses icon ellipses icon and navigate to the page within the CMS (if you don’t see your page in the list, make sure that “Quicklinks” is selected in the drop-down box. See image below).
  8. Double click the page title to add (make sure to select "Quicklinks" from the first drop down menu), or select the "Insert" icon.
  9. library folder nav 

  10. Select “OK”. Your “Next Steps” link should now appear on the page below the navigation menu.
  11. next steps on page 

Adding/removing "Next Steps"

insert above

  1. To add additional “Next Steps” links, select the blue notepad icon next to the “Next Steps” module and select "Insert Above" or "Insert Below".
  2. To remove a “Next Steps” link or to display none at all, select the blue notepad icon and choose “Remove” for each “Next Steps” section.