Add a Page Layout

Sites that were launched early, need to attach a "Page Layout" when creating a new page.

Have you ever created a new page, only to have "<MISSING>" appear at the top? To avoid this, always be sure to attach your site's "Page Layout" -- located in the "Metadata" tab of a new page.
Metadata is information about the content of your page. In the CMS, it assigns the page template and the keywords that enable users to search for the specific page.
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To edit the “Metadata” for a page, navigate to your page and select the “edit” icon.
Select the tab labeled "Metadata".
Attach the page layout by clicking on the “Edit” button under “Page Layout: (Content)”.
Navigate to a page layout created for your site, found either in the “_Shared” folder or the "_Amin > _Layout" folder. Then, double-click on the layout file to select it, then click the “Save” icon located on the lower half of the screen.
After publishing the page, your site layout will be attached and should be displaying properly.