How to add a site-wide media gallery

Creating a site-wide media gallery

  1. Navigate to the “_Shared” folder of the department site, or if your site has the "_Media" folder, navigate there.
    _shared folder  OR  _media folder 
  2. Within either the "_Shared" or "_Media" folder, create a new folder titled “Galleries”
  3. Within the "Galleries" folder, create a new folder with the title for your image gallery.  You will create a new folder for each gallery you add to the site.
    sample image gallery 2
  4. Create a new "Image Gallery" smart form.
    image gallery sf 
  5. Enter the gallery title in the "Title" and "Gallery Heading" fields.
     gallery heading 
  6. Select a Preview Image to upload.  This is the image that will serve as the cover photo for the gallery on the bottom of the page. The dimensions of the image must be 170x120 px.
     preview image 
  7. Click the Upload Image icon.
      upload image icon 
  8. Upload your image to the library and select "Add Library"
     add library 
  9. After uploading an image, the image Icon mountain icon must be clicked again. This is a requirement by the CMS.
  10. Continue to add images to the gallery and click the "Publish" icon publish icon.
  11. Navigate in the CMS Folder Structure to the "Galleries" folder of your site once again.
  12. Create a new “Media Box with Video" smart form.
    new media box with video 
  13. In the "Title" and "Media Box Title" fields, enter "Galleries."  
  14. In the Gallery Description field, enter in a title for your gallery.
     gallery description 
  15. Click the "Add Gallery" folder icon. folder icon 
  16. Navigate to the smart form for your image gallery and select OK. You can add up to 4 image galleries to appear on the site by selecting the blue notepad icon and choosing to Insert Above or Below.
    insert above below 
  17. Click the “Publish” icon. publish icon 
  18. Navigate in the folder structure to the _Admin/_Config folder of your site and select the "(Department Name) Config" smart form. 
    admin config folders 
  19. Click the “Edit” icon. edit icon 
  20. Click the “+ Ribbon Gallery” icon, followed by the folder icon. plus ribbon gallery folder icon no hilite 
  21. Navigate in the new window to the "Galleries" folder once again and select your gallery from the list. Click “OK.”
    ribbon gallery add 
  22. Click the “Publish” icon. publish icon  Your image gallery will now be displayed on every page of the site in a media box at the bottom of the page.