Get to know your mascot (H2)

The following paragraphs demonstrate the proper use of heading styles (H2, H3, H4, H5) and the content that should follow.  

Northern Arizona University proudly regards the lumberjack as the school’s official mascot.  Learn more about the cultural significance of our iconic mascot. 

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The H2 heading style contains content that is typically introductory in nature and gives a broad overview of what will follow. Users briefly scan a page for content before committing to reading it. The goal of the H2 heading style is to be brief, yet interesting enough to capture the web visitor's attention.  

Lumberjack culture (H3)

A lumberjack is a worker in the logging industry who performs the initial harvesting and transportation of trees. In a period of advanced industrial development and modernization, logging remains a traditional business. 

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The H3 is secondary detail to the H2 and highlights the real purpose of the page’s content. The H3 heading style delves deeper into the topic introduced with the H2 heading style.  

Lumberjacks in popular culture (H4)

In popular culture, the stereotypical cliché of a lumberjack is a strong, burly, bearded man who lives to brave the natural environment while taking great pride in his physical strength and masculinity. Lumberjacks are depicted wearing suspenders, long-sleeved plaid flannel shirts, and heavy chainsaw boots. The lives of loggers have been documented on multiple American reality television series, including:

  • Ax Men (The History Channel)
  • American Loggers (The Discovery Channel)
  • The Lumberjack TV Series (The Sports Network)

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The H4 heading style is reserved for specific facets of the H3 heading style. The H4 offers in-depth information about  the topic. As demonstrated below, H4s can be used for multiple topics that are on the same sublevel under the H3.

Lumberjacks in folklore (H4)

The protagonists in Lumberjack folklore are often portrayed as simple yet noble professionals who fall into the typical lumberjack clichés. The protagonists of these stories are often pitted against obstacles and devices that directly contradict and threaten their profession and way of life. 

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For content that is even more granular in nature than H4 content, the H5 header is available. However, when content is filtered down to this extent, it is recommended the page writer reevaluate the content and determine the information could be better condensed or even redirected to another page. 

Lumberjack as a folk hero (H5)

The most famous lumberjack folk hero, arguably, is Joseph Montferrand, better known as Big Joe Mufferaw. Montferrand was a French-Canadian logger known for his physical prowess and desire to protect the French Canadian loggers’ way of life.

Lumberjack folk music (H5)

Lumberjacks rapidly developed their own distinctive musical culture of work songs. Many were based on traditional European folk tunes, with lyrics that reflected the lives, experiences, and concerns of lumberjacks. Themes would often include:

  • cutting
  • hauling
  • rolling
  • driving