Content takes the wheel

In web-speak, the term “content” refers to the information you publish.

On a university website, content includes information about degrees, admissions, scholarships, noteworthy achievements, and so on.

Content is the reason that web visitors will navigate to your site, and if they don’t find what they are looking for, it’s the reason they’ll leave.

If a visitor's web experience is a journey, then content is the driver of the car. It decides which roads to take, how many stops to make, and what landmarks to pass on the way to the visitor’s objective.

If the driver is successful, the journey will be quick and easy to duplicate—web visitors don’t have a lot of patience for prolonged trips on dirt roads through the desert; they typically just want to get where they are going.

EDEN’s content emphasis

Because good content is essential to a good web experience and a good web experience is essential to an enhanced perception of the university, we’ve undertaken a project unlike anything done before.

We’re converting Northern Arizona University’s website, from the content up, one page at a time.

The EDEN approach to this website overhaul is a multi-step process that involves:

  • talking to the department, organization, or area of the university that owns a particular site and determining what they are all about
  • using the information from the department and from their existing webpage to create new content and structure that is user-friendly and that really communicates what makes that department unique
  • publishing that revitalized content with a clean, modern, and accessible new design
  • empowering and educating the university’s website managers to take the reins and continue producing quality, user-focused content for the future