Web Design 101

Web design encompasses a number of different facets, including navigation, spacing, look, and feel. Good web design gives visitors an efficient, direct, and aesthetically pleasing experience. Bad web design, on the other hand, offers dead ends (we’ve all been there: our former site, sadly, had lots of them), outdated (or multiple outdated) looks, and a slightly non-dynamic feel. Web visitors know both when they see them. And they like good design better.

Now I Got (Design) Worry

We all may have artists lurking somewhere within us. This does not mean, however, that we are all designers. Far from it, in fact. But worry not. Most of your page design will come from the university template. For your customization education, however, please consider the following sources:

Basic Web Design 101 – Not surprisingly, the pragmatic folks at Active Domain, a domain registration company, have seen enough web pages to know what works.

The 10 Best Designed Websites in the World – Surf and learn, friends. Surf and learn.