What is SEO?


What is SEO, and why it is important?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique you can use to increase traffic to your site.  Pages using excellent SEO tactics are more likely to appear close to the top of a search engine results page (SERP).  This is important because most people only look at the top search results on a page, so pages that don’t appear in these top results are unlikely to be clicked on. Though it sounds technical, SEO tactics aren’t difficult to use. 

Why do we need SEO?

SEO thermal map USE THIS ONE 
This thermal map, from SEOmoz.org, shows where people look on a search engine results page—the upper left corner, a.k.a. the top search results.

Studies have shown that people don’t look past the first page of the search results. In fact, most people look “above the fold,” which is the part of the website that is visible before scrolling down.

page rank

Source: EDEN Team 

Use your keywords 

General Keyword Guidelines:

  • Don’t overuse; you want to sound natural to your audience 
  • Write how your audience thinks, especially with keywords
    • “honors programs” versus “academic merit” 
  • Keep paragraphs to less than 70 words  
  • Try to use your keyword at least three times on your page—this includes titles
    • Use the keyword research tools to find variations to use throughout
  • Be useful and relevant with keywords and content
    • If someone found your page, would they stay?