What are analytics?

Simply put, analytics refers to the science of measuring things. Web analytics measures site data to determine detailed statistics about your web visitors and how they interact on your page.

Google Analytics is the most popular program used to track web measurements.

Northern Arizona University has access to Google Analytics, which means that you will have the ability to gather specific statistics.

Why do we need analytics?

Analytics provides insights into who your web visitors are and what they do on your site.

Those insights provide actionable information for improving your site to better fulfill your strategic objectives.

They also let you know how well your content is working by tracking:

  • how many people came to your site (hits)
  • how many pages they looked at (page views)
  • how long they stayed on your page (duration)
  • how frequently they come to your site (frequency)
  • what they clicked on (click path)
  • what search term they typed in to find you
  • where they went after viewing your site 

The University Marketing team is happy to work with you to create an actionable plan for measurement and analysis.